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Tulip Festival

Tulip Festival Tulip Festival [ De | Fr | Ru | It ]

Dear Friends!

Republic of Kalmykia, famous singer Ervena Orgaeva and Olympic champion Alina Makarenko invites to the International Tulip Festival!

* * *

International Tulip Festival will be held in conjunction with the Government of the Republic of Kalmykia, Fund of Wildlife Conservation of Kalmykia and Kalmyk branch of the Russian Geographical Society.

The main task of the Tulip Festival Read the rest of this entry »

Russian politician Irina Khakamada: Kalmykia amazed me

Russian politician Irina Khakamada
Russian politician Irina Khakamada: Kalmykia amazed me [ De | Ru | Fr | Es ]

Russian politician Irina Khakamada: Cheerful small nation

East – a delicate matter. This is common knowledge. But one thing – to talk about it, and quite another – encounter this subtlety in life.

Kalmykia amazed me. After arriving flying in Elista, I came to the country untouched democracy. Such a quietand kind, peaceful Khanate. Little virgin island in the vast sea of unbridled, it is not regulated Russian democracy. Read the rest of this entry »

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