Kalmyk Khanate

Kalmyk Khanate The Kalmyk Khanate was a nomadic power on the Eurasian steppe. It covered the area called Kalmykia and the surrounding areas stretching from Stavropol to Astrakhan.

For over a hundred years the Kalmyk alternately raided the southern borderlands of Russia but also protected southern borders of Russia and engaging in many military expeditions against the Muslim tribes of Central Asia, the North Caucasus and Crimea.

Kalmyk Cossack The Kalmyk conducted many military expeditions against the Ottoman Empire Crimean Tatars and Kuban Tatars and also waged wars against the Kazakhs, subjugated the Mangyshlak Turkmens, and made multiple expeditions against the highlanders of the North Caucasus.

The Khanate was annexed by the Russian Empire in 1771.

Now Republic of Kalmykia – located near Caspian sea, desert and Volga river.

Kalmyk Khanate

Kalmyk Khanate
History of Kalmykia

Republic of Kalmykia

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