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Leaders of the race “Silk Road” Eduard Nikolayev and Ales Loprais parted with the idea of ​​winning

Silk Road rally Automobile Silk Road Rally: The two leaders of the race “Silk Road”, Eduard Nikolayev and Alesh Loprais (InstaForex Loprais team, Tatra) parted with the idea of ​​winning. Eduard Nikolayev half hours chosen from the swamp, Alesh Loprais – from the river. Meanwhile, his first “gold” took Airat Mardeev from KAMAZ team (Kamaz-Master). Read the rest of this entry »

Rally “Silk road” arrived in buddhist Kalmykia

Silk Road rally News from rally “Silk Road”. Participants in the rally “Silk Road 2012” arrived one of the most improbable places on Earth, the little-known Republic of Kalmykia (Elista and Yashkul), reported KalmykiaNews.

This exciting race cars and trucks began a ceremony July 7 at the Red Square of Moscow (Russia). Read the rest of this entry »

Great Kalmykia Rally

IV stage of Great Kalmykia Rally was finished [ Ru | Fr ]

Photos from Great Kalmykia Rally.

Great Kalmykia Rally

Rally of Great Kalmykia

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