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Birthday of the Buddha Shakyamuni: program of holiday activities

Birthday of the Buddha Shakyamuni Dear pilgrims and tourists! [ Ru ]
The administration of the central temple ‘Golden Abode of Buddha Shakyamuni’ reported on the program of holiday activities ‘Birthday of the Buddha Shakyamuni’ on May 25, 2013.

Buddha’s Birthday – this is a significant date in the life of the Kalmyk people, the only Buddhist nation in Europe.

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Equestrian sport, Kalmyk wrestling and bow shooting

Horse races 1-10 of May. Equestrian sport, Kalmyk wrestling and bow shooting

The event program:

Horse races for length 1200m, 1600m, 4800m; trot races for 3200m length;
horse run for 20 000m length;
Kalmyk wrestling;
bow shooting.
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Tour in Kalmykia – European buddhist land! [ Ru | Fr | En ]
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The official program of the New Year celebration

Kalmyk New Year Kalmyk New Year!

The official program of the Kalmyk New Year celebration in Elista, capital of Kalmykia

On the 1st of December at 9 a.m. a solemn prayer “Thousand offerings to Lama Zonkava” is served in the central buddhist temple “Golden Abode of Buddha Shakyamuni”.

The first part of the prayer is to end at 11 a.m. The laymen are treated with Kalmykian tea, boortsog flat cakes and sweets by the monks of the central khurul.

At 12.00 Concert on the territory of central temple Read the rest of this entry »

German Week in Kalmykia

Germany Week From September 27 to October 2, will be held German Week in Kalmykia.

German Week in Kalmykia is dedicated to the 140th anniversary of the first settlement of Germans in our steppe republic.

Program of the German Week

September 27
14.00 Olympics of German.
Country Studies Seminar (Germany) through the German idioms (on the Internet).
15:00 Opening of the exhibition “Discover Germany” and new educational materials Eisfeld, Nordost-Institut, BRD Read the rest of this entry »

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