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Story of a tourist from Germany

Bicycle trip Stephan Werner. Story of a tourist from Germany

2012-05-03 > 142km. 412hm / sunny 27°C – 32°C / Ø18km/h / pedaling time 8:00hrs / elevation 133m, today passed 1000km mark since Simferopol (day 9) For some unknown reason, this morning I received a lot of gifts, whenever I stopped to ask for directions or just looking at things, mostly women gave me apples or sweets and wished me a safe trip. Russians are truly very friendly people.
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Mankind has chosen the wrong path of development

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov Some scholars and scientists maintain that mankind has chosen the wrong path of development and that our road to civilization is a dead-end. There is now a great imbalance between technological achievements and spiritual development. The era of space-flights and nuclear energy started, not with atomic-power stations, but with the obliteration of human beings by the atom bomb. The planet Earth has encountered a fatal barrier.

When I am told about the durability of peace, the dependability of the army and unquestionable honesty of our diplomats, I can hardly believe my ears. I have seen soldiers standing Read the rest of this entry »

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