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Alcohol and treatment are not compatible!

[ Ru ] Sandji Buvaev: “We kindly request: do not abuse of alcoholic beverages: vodka, brandy, whiskey, champagne, beer, wine, martinis, etc.”

To achieve the health effect, you must attend all the treatments at Dead sea of Kalmykia (Salt Lake).

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The Happy Healing

Dead sea of Kalmykia An interesting case occurred last summer. A young married couple from Moscow came to rest for two weeks, but stayed for a month.

The couple hoped that healing mud of Dead sea of Kalmykia (Salt Lake) will help them to finally solve their problem.

After living for years in a marriage, the couple could not have a baby. Read the rest of this entry »

Dead sea of Kalmykia

Dead sea of Kalmykia [ De | Ru | Fr | Es | It ]
With healing salt and healing mud for your health.
(Russian: Мертвое море Калмыкии)

Therapeutic mud and healing salt
The medical effect: Treatment of skin diseases, treatment of the musculoskeletal system, treatment of gynecological diseases.

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Dead sea of Kalmykia
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