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Representatives of the magazine “National Geographic” arrived in Kalmykia

A Holy Abode for Theory and Practice of the School Gelugpa The representatives of the “National Geographic” magazine have come to Kalmykia.

The representatives of the “National Geographic” magazine linguists Dr. David Harrison and Dr. Anderson, photographer Chris Rainier, and Jeremy Fahringer have come to Kalmykia in order to to get acquainted with the speakers of the national language.The linguists and anthropologists came to the steppe Read the rest of this entry »

Monument to Velimir Khlebnikov

Monument to Velimir Khlebnikov [ En | Ru ]
Author Stepan Botiev.

Velimir Khlebnikov was born in kalmykian steppes, in Malye Derbety.
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Rare birds in the Kalmykia

Dalmatian Pelican Rare birds [ Ru ]

In dozens of times increased penalties for causing harm to flora and fauna. The corresponding order of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has already been registered by the Ministry of Justice.

Now, the fine will be up to 300 thousand russian rubles. Experts hope that such amounts will make poachers think before you destroy the flora and fauna. This topic is especially relevant on World Day for Safety and habitat, which is celebrated today. And on the territory of Kalmykia are several unique ponds reserves where rare species of waterfowl. Read the rest of this entry »