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Books about Kalmykia

Further reading

Arbakov, Dorzha. Genocide in the USSR, Chapter II, Complete Destruction of National Groups as Groups, The Kalmyks, Nikolai Dekker and Andrei Lebed, Editors, Series I, No. 40, Institute for the Study of the USSR, Munich, 1958.
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Seminar “Innovative technologies in teaching German”

Germany Since September 24, the Kalmyk State University is hosting a seminar “Innovative technologies in teaching German” organized Kalmyk State University and Kalmyk Republican Institute for Advanced Training in Education for school teachers and high school teachers, informed International department of KalmykiaNews. Read the rest of this entry »

Representative of the Goethe-Institut arrived in Kalmykia

Kalmykia Representative of the Goethe-Institut Sklenar Judith Jenkes-Steinhübl (Judith Keyler-Mayer) from Munich (Germany) arrived in Kalmykia, to Kalmyk State University.

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