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In Kalmykia conduct pre-commissioning work on the two constructed wind turbines

Wind turbines As part of the investment project of “Falcon Capital” for the construction vetroenergoparka in Kalmykia Elista arrived in the company’s specialists “F&H Elektrotechnik GmbH” (Hannover, Germany), the press service of the company “KalmEnergokom”.

German specialists Ralph Hoppmann and Rainer Brust will hold a start-up operations at the two built windmills (wind turbines) in the village of Sandy Priyutnensky region of Kalmykia.

Will be made a full cycle – checking and adjustment of the engine and blades, oil changes and Some parts, tuning, and computer cooling systems, the test performance of two wind turbines wind turbines at full power. Final commissioning of wind turbines will result in complete readiness for the generation of “green” electricity. Read the rest of this entry »