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Sale of counterfeit cigarettes stopped

Counterfeiting goods

Employees of the store in Elista, located on Lenin Street, sold fake cigarettes to residents, reported press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kalmykia. Read the rest of this entry »

Art-shop “Kishgtya Belg”

Kishgtya Belg Art-shop “Kishgtya Belg”

Kishgtya Belg translated from oirat-kalmyk language as Happy Present. Read the rest of this entry »

Democratic designer Sultanna Frantsuzova open new stores in Moscow

Sultanna Frantsuzova Most democratic designer Sultanna Frantsuzova (russian: Султанна Французова) from Elista, fashionable thing from which one can buy for less than a thousand rubles, open new stores in Moscow – October 7, at the Leningrad avenue, 12, and in early December – on Smolensky Boulevard, 7, reports KalmykiaNews.

These will be, respectively, Read the rest of this entry »