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Dmitry Sharaev Party in Restaurant

Dmitry Sharaev Entertainment and Party! [ Ru ]

Dmitry Sharaev party in restaurant “Legend”

September, 6.

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Concerts of the People’s Dzhangarchi Okna Tsagan Zam in Moscow

Okna Tsagan Zam Russia

Concerts in Moscow [ Ru ]

On March 10 and 11, concerts of the People’s Dzhangartchi Okna Tsagan Zam Vladimir Karuyev will be held in Moscow.

Throat singing, ethnic music ang songs!

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International Festival of throat singing and ethnic music will be held in Elista

International Festival International Festival of throat singing and ethnic music ‘Breath of the steppe’ will be held in Elista!

Among the guests of the festival will be throat singers from Mongolia and Altai Republic, those are Davaasuren Damjin and Mergen Teldenov. They will surely show the charm and beauty of Hoomei.

Also there will be another one interesting performer from Xinjiang province of China. His name is Bayrta Nimgrin, and he is going to sing the oirad mongolian long songs, which Read the rest of this entry »

Okna Tsagan Zam Vladimir Karuev concert

Dzhangarchi Vladimir Karuev concert Okna Tsagan Zam!
Dzhangarchi Vladimir Karuev concert in Elista!

March, 30.
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Vladimir Karuev

Vladimir Karuev (Okna Tsagan Zam) – throat singer from Republic of Kalmykia (Ketchenery city).

Album ‘Shaman voices’

About throat singing
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Throat singing

Overtone singing, also known as overtone chanting, or harmonic singing, is a type of singing in which the singer manipulates the resonances (or formants) created as air travels from the lungs, past the vocal folds, and out the lips to produce a melody.

Another name for overtone singing is throat singing, but that term is also used for Inuit throat singing, which is produced differently.

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Okna Tsahan Zam and new album “Shaman Voices”

A journey in the steppe Okna Tsahan Zam new album “Shaman Voices”

“A journey in the steppe”

Ethnic songs, Throat singing, overtone singing.

Claude Samard Polikar.
France, 2004.

“East-West fusion with a difference… done in a vastly better way than any other fusion with overtone singing that I’ve heard.”
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