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The Kalmyk Language: Conversational Phrases

Kalmyk Language – Part II
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Русско-Калмыцкий Разговорник для иностранцев / Орс-Хальмг Кююндврч / Russian-Kalmyk Conversational Phrases for foreign tourists

Tulip Festival Приветствие/ Мендллhн / Greeting

Здравствуй(те)! Менд(вт)! Hello!
Доброе утро! Сян хонвт! (Ёрюн ээвртя болтха!) Good morning!
Добрый день! Сян бяянт! (Ёдр нарта болтха!) Good afternoon!
Добрый вечер! Асхн тёвкнюн болтха! Good evening!

Разговор при встрече/ Харhлтын кююндвр Read the rest of this entry »

The Kalmyk Language: Grammar and Vocabulary

The Kalmyk Language: Grammar, Vocabulary and Conversational Phrases

Kalmyk language – Part I – Grammar and Vocabulary

би i
чи you (sg)
эн (энтн) this
тер (тертн) that (the latter two can be used to mean he/she/it)
бидн we Read the rest of this entry »

African students celebrate New Year in Kalmykia

Foreign students [ De | Es ] African students celebrate New Year in Kalmykia. On the eve of the New Year holiday, they enrich your vocabulary. Father Frost, Snow Maiden, Christmas tree – these words are familiar to students, report KalmykiaNews agency.

That foreign students have learned the subject better, teacher Vasily Kolodko uses games and visual aids. Read the rest of this entry »