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International scientific seminar for teachers “Moving Forward: Time to Build Bridges” started in Kalmykia

USA November 15 in the Kalmyk State University started the international scientific seminar for teachers of the English and Kalmyk language ‘Moving Forward: Time to Build Bridges’, reports International department of KalmykiaNews.

The organizers of the event – the Kalmyk State University, Department of Germanic Languages ​​KSU and the Association of Teachers of English the Republic of Kalmykia (ELIS). Read the rest of this entry »

African students celebrate New Year in Kalmykia

Foreign students [ De | Es ] African students celebrate New Year in Kalmykia. On the eve of the New Year holiday, they enrich your vocabulary. Father Frost, Snow Maiden, Christmas tree – these words are familiar to students, report KalmykiaNews agency.

That foreign students have learned the subject better, teacher Vasily Kolodko uses games and visual aids. Read the rest of this entry »