The recipe of Kalmyk vodka of milk

Kalmyk vodka of milk Arza [ En | Ru ]

The recipe of Kalmyk vodka of milk

Kalmyk cooking

Bozo – the name of sediment of a beverage called arza *.

Kalmyks made a beverage of koumiss (fermented mare’s milk), it was called arza. They took two boilers of cast iron with a slightly arched long wooden tube between the boilers, which was inserted into their holes, and poured three to four pails of koumiss into that boiler, which was bigger than the second one. It was above a trivet * – a big, three – cornered boiler. The second boiler was empty and was in a trough with cool water. A fire was made in a trivet with kizyak * – cow pats dried in the sun. The boilers were covered with their lids so as not to access air, and people boiled the milk in the first boiler, keeping it above a trivet for an hour and half or two hours, and the mare’s milk was distilled from one boiler into the other boiler through the tube, drops of condensed steam penetrated into the empty boiler through the tube and then three to four bottles of a transparent beverage resulted. It was a strong beverage and made someone drunk. If one wanted to make the beverage stronger, he should boil it for longer, it became stronger, but its volume was less and, on the contrary, if one wanted to make it softer, he should boil it less and its volume was more. The sediment in the first boiler had a white colour, and its volume was much more than that of the beverage. It was called bozo.

The explanations by Balayeva-Hulhachiyeva-Kokayeva Bavsha Ulanovna

Translated by Danara Balayeva-Kokayeva

Kalmyk vodka of milk

Republic of Kalmykia

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