Astrological forecast for 2013

Astrological forecast for 2013 Astrological forecast for 2013 (De, Fr, Rus)
Sanan Matvenov, monk, astrologer Central Kalmyk temple “Golden Abode of Buddha Shakyamuni

2013 will be year of the Snake. In keeping with tradition Naktsi five days from the start of the celebration Zul [this year December 8] Kalmyks escorted the old master, the Dragon. It is believed that at this time the Dragon conveys power to Snake.

Actually, not a bad year. Most importantly, I want to please all, and say that the end of the world will not. He canceled (laughs). You can recall the words of the Dalai Lama. As for the end of the world the Dalai Lama said: “I am skeptical about this prediction. I do not believe it. ”

So no reason to fear not, at least, they should not be among those who consider themselves Buddhists (smiles).

And do not forget that the horoscope is only 40% can affect your life, and the remaining 60 percent – the people’s choice, the way they behave in relation to other living beings and to their lives, it is more important and that is what ultimately affects the destiny of man. Be kinder, more generous, more often smile and your personal horoscope will be as bright and sunny as you are.

Year of the Snake

Snakes for the year will not be very favorable. So let’s talk first about them. Of course, it is good if Snakes extended their year, there is a special ritual. If not renewed, you can do it for a year, but greatly prolong this is not necessary. Let’s start from the beginning.

Children who comes in the next 12 years in 2013, horoscope says that there may be aching bones, nausea, frequent fever, various ailments. They will be very useful at least once to visit the morning service.

Those who turns 24 years old, a year is going to be a cold. They can advise on the 15th of the lunar calendar, bring water to the morning service, when they read the mantra of the Buddha of Medicine.

36-year-olds need to beware of contagious diseases. Pay attention to the prevention of these diseases. Also, they need to be treated with extreme caution to financial transactions and not to risk nothing. Attend services preferably eight lunar day.

For those who will turn 48 years old, have a smaller board to ride the wheel at night and in adverse weather conditions. They should be careful during this year, posting a ki-dimensional, make an offering by fire, including a “three whites – three red”, but in any case not to make offerings of animal sacrifice. Can not do that to anyone, ever. By the way, this applies to all, regardless of the year of birth.

To the 60-year-old snake delights, and the year will be good for them. Only on what they need to abstain, is attending funerals, cemeteries and ill. To read the Heart Sutra and Belozontichnuyu Tara, helping to build the stupa and roads.

72-year-old to seek the advice given to children 12 years of age. So how is it that the cycle returns. If sickness comes, we must still initially receive intensive treatment, and not to hope that the disease will pass by itself.

Year of the Pig
Considered to be the complete opposite of the Snake. Negative compatibility (difference of 6 years). Therefore, they should in the coming year to behave more careful and once again not at risk (travel, finance). The difficult situation in moral and spiritual terms. If the number of conflicts in the family and grow in a team, you should try not to contribute to, and resolve peacefully. It is desirable to extend the year.

Year of the Monkey
A half year Snake contrast (difference 3 years). Monkeys need to monitor their behavior and try to avoid conflict in relationships with other people, as this may lead to increased tension in the family and the team. It is desirable to extend the year.

Year of Hens
Good compatibility with the snake. They should be afraid of hidden obstacles (betrayal of friends, betrayal wife). Council – to pay more attention to your family and friends.

Year of Cows
A wonderful combination with the year of the Snake. As well as by Hens pay attention to the hidden obstacles (treason, treason). This year, you have to be more observant and sensitive to the mood of your loved ones, friends and colleagues.

Year of the Mouse
Good year in material and financial terms. Initiative and activity in mice this year will bring them suddenly more than what they expect.

Year of the Tiger
Positive year. Recommended by a wide circle of friends. Tigers need to try as much as possible to help all whom they meet this year on the way. This assistance will be consequences in the future if need support, it can be expected from the people you have helped in the year of Snake.

Year of the Rabbit
Neutral position. Normal year without shocks. We need to try to consolidate the achievements and make gradual steps towards prospects. Year is good to pause and to reflect the future.

Year of the Dragon
Good year. Try to pay attention to the family, relatives and friends. Rest often, try this year to do with our health.

Year of the Horse
Normal year. If you need to receive intensive treatment, it is advisable to do it in this year. Because 2014 will be the year the Horse. It is necessary to prepare for and deal with any serious business in the year of the Snake. Take care of your back.

Year of Sheep
Nothing to worry about. What you should pay attention to – work and study. Develop a careful and accurate, otherwise you may encounter unpleasant situations.

Year of the Dog
Peaceful year. Encourage people to reach for the dogs, the people born in the Year of the Horse. This is one of the best compatibility in our astrological calendar.

Sanan Matvenov, Monk, astrologer Central Kalmyk temple “Golden Abode of Buddha Shakyamuni”

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