Kalmykia map

Kalmykia on the map

Map of Kalmykia

Map of Kalmykia

Republic of Kalmykia

5 Responses to “Kalmykia map”

  • Manoj Piyananda:

    As a Sri Lankan Budhist very much happy to hear About this beautiful country.I hope I’ll come to your peaceful land.

  • Aung Thu:

    I am very happy to hear that there is another buddhist country in Russia and also in Europe. I wish to get there with my family one day.

  • shiras k j:

    i don,t know how i can express my happiness when know about this place . actually iam proud of this pure remnants of greatest ideology,s existence shiras k j from india

  • Paddy Ranasinghe:

    As a Buddhist living in Australia, I was surprised to read about Kalmykia for the first time. I always knew that there are Buddhist communities in the Russian federation in places such as Buriatia near Mongolia, but I never knew that there are Buddhist communities in the European part of the Russian federation. One day I must come and visit your beautiful country.

    Padmasiri Ranasinghe

  • What is the name of the airport in Kalmykia? Where does one stay? How does one book a hotel here? How can I visit. I live in New Delhi, India. Thanks and regards, Debasish Roy

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