Article by Badmaeva Nana Sandzhievna about Telo Tulku Rinpoche’s visit to Kalmyk Project on June 28

USA [ Ru ] June 28, 2013, in Manhatten non-profit organization “Kalmyk Project” held a regular meeting for members and guests. (The organization was founded at the initiative of the Kalmyks, who came from Russia, and officially incorporated in June 2013.)

This meeting was invited Telo Tulku Rinpoche, gave a lecture on “The Four Noble Truths.” After the lecture, Telo Tulku Rinpoche spent on the practice of meditation. The audience consisted of people of all ages who came to the meeting of the states of New York, New Jersey and Virginia. Many felt the first time as Buddhism can help us in everyday life and find peace of mind.

The next speaker was a member of the initiative group for the creation of a non-profit organization “Kalmyk Project” Mergen Boldyrev. He described how the initiative group, which included Zanda Bembeeva, Mergen Boldyrev, Zinaida Sangadzhieva and Kermen Brodsky et al, prepared all the necessary documents for the official registration of a non-profit organization “Kalmyk Project”.

The participants were asked detailed questions about the goals and plans, etc. Many people have offered their help, such as the creation and design of the site. A member of the initiative group, Kermen Brodsky, answered questions, talked about the problems that had time to run and thanked him for his offer of assistance.

Kalmyk Project Telo Tulku Rinpoche thanked for their participation and offered them to supervision and guidance.

Article by Badmaeva Nana Sandzhievna about Telo Tulku Ripoche’s visit to Kalmyk Project on June 28, 2013.

Ketty Ombadykow, USA

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