July 12 in Elista will take place Grand Celebration “First rotation the Wheel of Dharma”

Wheel of Dharma [ Ru | Es ] July 12 in Elista will take place Grand Celebration “First rotation the Wheel of Dharma”.
About celebratory actions and entertainment rituals:

In the city of Elista, capital of Buddhist Republic Kalmykia, on July, 12th at 04.30AM interested persons can accept 8 vows of the Mahajana. 8 vows of the Mahajana are granted by the doctor of Buddhist philosophy Dr. Geshe Jampa, informs Department of religion and rituals of Fund of development of tourism of Kalmykia.

8 vows of the Mahajana are connected with the practice of morals – refusal of 10 non virtuous acts of a body, speech and mind which is necessary for observing, at least, within day till a dawn of next day.

The person who has accepted vows, can clear plenty of negative karma under the condition of preservation of vows in cleanliness. It is very useful and to listen favorably this day to the Doctrine of the Buddha.

The doctrine which refers to “Four noble truths” Geshe Jampa grants from 5AM to 6AM. The doctrine explains “Four noble truths”, that such suffering, sources of sufferings and the termination of sufferings leading to the path of liberation.

On the day of the Holiday, ritual procession under sounds of bowls and extraordinary long musical takes place.


Thanks to Natalie Abuschinow Schneider for help.

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