New Year Zul

Kalmyk New Year Zul celebrations – Kalmykian New Year!

Zul celebration day in 2021: December, 29.

Kalmykian New Year Zul celebrates as one the most important events in the Buddhist history – achieving Parinirvana by the founder of the Gelug school Lama Zonkava. Kalmyks treat this person in a special way.

Supreme Lamas often say, that Kalmyks have a strong inseparable connection with Lama Zonkava, which lasts from the beginning of time. Lama Zonkava is a spiritual leader and the second Buddha for Kalmykian people. It is important to treat him with special respect this day.

Kalmykian New Year Zul

New Year Zul

New Year Zul

New Year Zul

Celebration day in 2020: December, 10.
Celebration day in 2019: December, 21.
Celebration day in 2018: December, 2.
Celebration day in 2017: December, 12.
Celebration day in 2016: December, 23.
Celebration day in 2015: December, 5.
Celebration day in 2014: December, 16.
Celebration day in 2013: December, 27.
Celebration day in 2012: December, 8. Information and program of the New Year celebration in the Central temple in 2012 (russian)
Celebration day in 2011: December, 20. Information and program of the New Year celebration in 2011 (russian)
Celebration day in 2010: December, 1. Official program of the New Year celebration in 2010 (english)

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