Geshe-lharamba Tenzin Dugda goes with his disciples in a retreat

Today, 10 April 2011, students venerable Geshe-lharamba Tenzin Dugda went to a place of seclusion for the practice of Vajra. Ph.D., professor of Geshe lharamba Tenzin Dugda completed gift of oral comments to the practice of this deity. I must say that the commentary to the practice of Vajra it provides many times and every year more and more Buddhists take part in the exercises.

Geshe-lharamba Tenzin Dugda – a true vajra master, is a carrier and the successor of the major transmission lines teachings secret mantra to him by his spiritual mentor, the great practitioners of the sutra and tantra.

Through his teachings, many practitioners met with the Teachings of the Buddha, were retreats for practitioners of deities Vadzhabhayravy and Vajra.

The teacher keeps telling students that the rules relating to the practice of deity Vajra, listened to the comments to this practice must be within the next four years to hold a retreat on the Vajra mantra recitation. Then the practitioner appears a good reason for gaining spiritual achievements – he can be reborn in the Pure Land Vajra.

And now 40 people led by his mentor, went to the area to conduct a strict retreat.

Retreat in English the word means “retreat, shelter, privacy, care of cotsiuma. For students of Geshe Dugda retreat – it is, above all, intense spiritual practice.

Says Geshe Dugda, a very important doctrine, since it is based on oral transmission line running from the very Vajra, which referred it to Naropa, and also includes a line of oral transmission of the Sakya school. It is called a “Golden Teachings”, long kept secret. The practice of Vajra attracts many Dacian and dakinis, and good results are not depleted and are not limited to a period of one life.

– Such practices – says Geshe Dugda – bring a blessing of all the places. It also applies to all water sources, and those who drink this water, receives a blessing.

Each of the participants in the retreat must-read 100,000 times mantra Queen dakinis – Vajra. Their day will begin at dawn, they will recite the mantra, meditate, reflect on the precious human life, the rare possibility of a meeting with the holy Dharma and spiritual mentor.

Last year in December, the day of Vajra, Geshe Tenzin lharamba Dugda performed a ritual dedicated to the Vajra. And there he made an offering to those who received the dedication, attended the full comment, and participated in strict retreat.

Geshe lharamba Tenzin Dugda gave them the book “Special method for arriving at Naro Dakini Honorable Vajra:” Fast Track through the Great Bliss “, together with the ritual of the mandala” Feast of Great Bliss “. Book with the Tibetan language has translated Bemba Mitruev. Edition of the text prepared by the Buddhists in Kalmykia and devoted a long life of Teachers. With the joyous mood of the participants left the retreat, having received the blessing shadzhin Lama of Kalmykia Telo Tulku Rinpoche.

Nina Shaldunova
Elista, Kalmykia

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