Lectures in Moscow about Dzungaria and Oirats

Arltan Baskhaev November 12-16

Lectures in Russia about Dzungaria and Oirats

Lectures of the famous historian and writer, candidate of historical sciences Arltan Baskhaev.

Lecture Topics:

November 12 “Oirats in the State of Hulaguids”

November 13 “1449. Battle of the Tumu. Victory, which turned into defeat” (Tumu Crisis)

November 14 “Dzungaria is not a successful country. Khanate, which was not a khanate.”

November 15 Oirats in Tibet.

November 16 “Kalmyk mentality. Pros and cons” (lecture-conversation).

Russia, Moscow, Poklonnaya street, 12, block 2.

Permanent Mission of the Republic of Kalmykia under the President of the Russian Federation

Arltan Baskhaev

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