Finnish, Italian and Canadian clothes

Only two days!

Finnish, Italian and Canadian clothes in blessed Kalmykia

October 23 and 24
Monday and Tuesday

What’s coming:

– Swedish down jackets
– Italian leather jackets
– Finnish sheepskin coats
– Canadian Alaska
– Canadian windbreakers
– Finnish down jackets

With discounts:
– 40% -50%, -70%, ie at the price of production.

Women’s lightweight sheepskin sheepskin coat made of laser treated suede “LAPIN LAMPO” with mink trim.
Cost 78 900 rubles. -> 31,900 rubles.

Women’s shortened sheepskin coat with hood, with zipper, made of natural mouton with laser-treated suede.
Cost 43,500 rubles. -> 27,900 rubles.

Stylish men’s jacket “Business” made of premium leather and mouton fur.
Cost 43,500 rubles. -> 19,900 rubles.

Men’s parka made of aviation nylon with camel hair lining.
Cost 49 000r rubles. -> 22 900 rubles.

Legendary winter men’s jacket “AERONAUTICS” made of buffalo leather and mouton fur.
Cost 99 900 rubles. -> 59 900 rubles.

Norwegian parka
High-tech tent fabric and DuPontSorona filler
Cost 95.900 -> 54.900

And 270 more models of different styles for the whole family.

Address: Elista, 11 Maxim Gorky St.
To the left of the hotel.

Landmark: “Inflatable Deer” and “Balloons”

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