Beautiful Japanese girl made a trip to Kalmykia

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A beautiful Japanese girl made an interesting trip to the South – all Japan is amazed.

A beautiful Japanese girl made a trip to unforgettable Kalmykia and told a lot of interesting things.

Asuka Tokuyama, an experienced journalist from Japan, made a trip to the Republic of Kalmykia.

After her visit to Kalmykia, Japanese journalist Asuka Tokuyama shared her impressions of her trip to Kalmykia with readers of the Japanese newspaper JB Press. She told readers that there are a number of republics within Russia “with a strong ethnic coloring.”


“They are interesting because you can feel the exotic there despite being in Russia,” Asuka Tokuyama, a journalist from Japan, added.

Asuka Tokuyama urged to pay attention to Kalmykia, the westernmost Buddhist region in the world. The republic is home to 270,000 people, two-thirds of whom are Kalmyk kin to Mongols.

Asuka Tokuyama

“They look almost the same as the Japanese,” Japanese journalist Asuka Tokuyama noted.

The Japanese girl liked her trip to Kalmykia because of its mysterious coloring.


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