How married hero Ulan Khongr Scarlet Lion

Ulan Khongr Scarlet Lion Song 2.
How married hero Ulan Khongr Scarlet Lion

Noisy hordes of strongmen,
Six thousand twelve knights,
Seven held in the palace circles.
In addition, the gray-haired old men
There was, they say, a circle.
And the red-faced old women important
There was, they say, a circle.
Pale white wife there
Also made ​​a circle.
Like a ripe fruit, there
Girls were a circle.

Wild steppe mares
Flowed milk flows.
Lake flowed Arzy,
Arzy pleasing eyes.

Finally turned red
Gentle pharynx of the giants.
Boomed mnogougly Palace.
Yellow hordes of strongmen
They began to boast of his strength,
Began to look around around,
Questioning neighboring circle
“Can it be that there is no battle for glory?
Saiga – and those not to raid?
Can it be that there is no power to fight?
Shall the enemy to punish not? ”

And when, to have fun,
So inquired heroes,
Khongor was dismal, the Scarlet Lion.
Over a cup sitting sullen, he
Sat silent until dawn.
Innermost thoughts he
Expressed the to Dzhangar finally:
“Eighteen brave years
I have long been struck,
Djangar great, tell me:
Why is in this world to me
Live alone given?”

Smiling, Bogdo said:
“Where is my fiery red horse Aranzal?
Ride the horse!”


Ninety-nine silks
At once united she!
Appearance her was this:
The angel eclipsed she!


Suddenly – the girl is on the way:
“My lord, my lord!
They ask you to come in the evening
To match fighters:
Khan’s daughter and her fiance
Started for their guests
The competition of wrestlers.

to be continue …

Source: Great kalmyk epos Djangar

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