Government of Kalmykia ordered two golden orders with platinum, diamonds and rubies

Order of the White Lotus Gold, diamonds, rubies

The Government of Republic of Kalmykia ordered two orders of gold, diamonds and rubies for more than 800 thousand rubles

The Government of Kalmykia placed a tender for the production of two orders of the White Lotus, which is attached to the highest award of the Republic – the title of Hero of Kalmykia. For two orders of gold, platinum, diamonds and rubies from the budget of the subsidized republic are ready to pay 830 thousand rubles.

The tender for the production of orders was placed on March 10, and the day before, on March 18, the competition committee approved the auction participation of four bidders.

The order of the White Lotus is a convex enamel-golden circle, framed by divergent rays of platinum in different lengths. It is adorned with precious stones.

“The Order must be made of gold not less than 750 proof and platinum not less than 950 proof. The total weight of the Order must be not less than 57.36 grams, including the weight of platinum not less than 3.36 grams. The Order must be set with 13 diamonds (of which: 4 diamonds not less than 0.092 carat, 8 diamonds not less than 0.4128 carat, 1 diamond not less than 0.34 carat) and 8 rubies not less than 3.015 carat,” said the technical specifications for the tender. The order is worn on a moire ribbon and is presented in a mahogany box.

In 2020, Kalmykia authorities also ordered two Orders of the White Lotus for 829 thousand rubles, but the winner OOO “Northern Lights” from Novosibirsk reduced the price to 709 thousand. In 2019, the administration was ready to pay 740 thousand rubles for the same two orders, but the same company from Novosibirsk offered 617 thousand.

Batyr Boromangnaev, chairman of the Kalmykia branch of the Yabloko party, in a comment for Kavkaz.Realii noted that the payment from the budget of such an expensive award is a waste, which “fits into the political logic of the actions of the Kalmykian authorities, and without regard to the personality of the head of the republic. This was the case both under Ilyumzhinov and under Orlov.

Order of the White Lotus

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