Batu Khasikov vs Mike Zambidis video

Four-time world champion in kickboxing and mixed martial arts Russian Batu Khasikov said the agency “F-Sport”, he had not expected so soon to complete the fight for a world title by a Greek version of W5 with Mike Zambidis.

Batu Khasikov (Kalmykia) in Moscow on Saturday for two minutes, broke the resistance of the reigning world champion. Mike Zambidis was forced to abandon the fight in the opening round, yet, as one of the attacks hit the knee Russian broke his jaw.

“Of course, for me, quick completion of the battle was a surprise, given the strength of the spirit of Mike, the level of his skill and perseverance, – said by telephone Batu Khasikov. – I saw that the fight turns out that my punches to the opponent uncomfortable, but he believed that the battle has just begun . And after knee strike realized that it took well, and Mike had to hard”.

Interlocutor of the agency noted that in the first seconds of the fight was aimed “at a constant pressure and attack the opponent, not stopping for a second, so as not to give him time to prepare for their activism.”

“Mike Zambidis – very explosive athlete and he can not give time to the attack – added several times champion of the world. – And I have everything went according to plan, all turned out, I always inflicted blows punctuated at a good pace. And he saw that they reach the goal and unpleasant for the opponent. ”

Batu Khasikov stressed that the meeting with Mike Zambidis was “psychologically complex” than the previous title bout – with the famous fighter in K1 Max Albert Kraus from Holland.

“It was hard to go through all the stages of preparation, given the intrigue and tension around the upcoming battle – continued titled athlete. – But the quality of preparedness as a result of impact, because the battle turns out like you to prepare for it.”

The representative of Kalmykia expressed special gratitude to the fans, including many sports fans, especially for the match arrived from the steppes of the republic.

“I want to thank everyone for emotional, heartfelt, sincere support. Energy, which came from the fans, it helped me in battle” – concluded Batu Khasikov.

Battle in Moscow

Republic of Kalmykia

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