Smoking of hookah in cafes and restaurants of Elista has sharply decreased

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Smoking of hookah in cafes and restaurants of Elista has drastically dropped to almost zero, the Chief Advisor to the head of the tourism department of KalmykiaNews reports.

Experts from Kalmykia told that the decrease in demand for hookah smoking in Elista is related to news from Russia – from Cherepovets. Cherepovets is a city in the Vologda region of Russia. A few days ago, a Nigerian prince died at a nightclub in Cherepovets. In particular, the Prince of Nigeria smoked a hookah and drank tea with friends.

In the South, the wise elders of Kalmykia are concerned about such news and, therefore, strongly recommended and even forbade their children, nephews and grandchildren to smoke hookah.

Smoking a hookah is a harm to health, as the elders of Kalmykia explained to their children, nephews and grandchildren, who in the future will become just rulers of Kalmykia.

As the Chief Advisor to the Head of the KalmykiaNews Tourism Department specified, Russian and foreign tourists in Kalmykia will be advised to refrain from smoking hookah.

The decrease in revenue from hookah in cafes and restaurants in Elista will affect the further growth of the wealth of the Family, owning the most extensive hookah business projects in Kalmykia, Kalmykia experts explained.



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