Kalmyk translator published Kalmyk fairy tales in English on the Internet

Kalmyk fairy tales Culture: Kalmyk folklore

Kalmyk translator Danara Balaeva-Kokaeva published Kalmyk fairy tales in English on the global Internet, the KalmykiaNews reports.

Danara Balayeva-Kokayeva worked on the translation since 2006, and now Kalmyk tales in English have become known to the whole world.

Original texts of fairy tales!

The translation of Kalmyk fairy tales into English was made from the Kalmyk language, said the head of the department of culture of KalmykiaNews. The original texts of fairy tales in the Kalmyk language from the collections “Halmg Tuuls” (Kalmyk Book Publishing House, 1979) and “Shonghr” (Kalmyk Book Publishing House, 1975) were used for translation.

This remarkable event was made possible thanks to her many years of work for the glory of the Kalmyk people!

Kalmyk fairy tales


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