The Program of Holidays and Events in January in Kalmykia

Dear fellow countrymen and guests of Kalmykia!

The Program of Holidays and Events in January 2022 in Kalmykia has been drawn up!

January 1 New Year’s Eve in Elista, lecture on the dangers of alcohol and tobacco

1-3 January Meditation and tasting of delicious Kalmyk cuisine

January 2 Play “Santa Claus”

January 2-9 Circus near the Vegetable Market in Elista

Visit to the Museum “Unique Kalmykia”

January 6 Concert of Dmitry Sharaev

January 7 Christmas Celebration in Elista on the Pagoda at 21.00.

January 8, 2022 Competitions for the Winter Cup in equestrian archery in the Republic of Kalmykia

3 and 15 January Performance “Enkr Manakhs”

4, 7 and 22 January Performance “Kalmyk Wedding”

January 5 Play “I am Buddha”

6 and 14 January Performance “Train of Memory”

January 8 and 21 Performance “The Bride from Mandzhikin”

See the full list of performances on the poster

January 20 Diffine-Christie Exhibition in Elista

January 22 Acquaintance with the elite of the Republic of Kalmykia

January 29-30 Meditation and tasting of delicious Kalmyk cuisine in a restaurant

Republic of Kalmykia

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