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Republic of Kalmykia

Republic of Kalmykia

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  • ЖавхланБаяр.П:

    Амар мэнд үү?Халимаг улсын ахан дүүст энэ өдрийн мэндийг хүргье.Монгол улсаас захидал бичиж байна.Намайг Жавхланбаяр гэдэг.Би 35 настай.Танай цахим хуудаар дамжуулж халимаг залуучуудтай танилцах хүсэлтэй байна.

  • M Sarath De Costa:

    I like very much of your country

  • Tsofia:

    Dears friends
    I hope everything is well in your exeptional country
    Years ago I had the chance to read a text , it was a traduction of the basis of your republique´philosophie , equivalent of the Constitution or charter text , nations use to have .
    it was so wonderfull and extremly wise that I think it could be a model for the world .
    I tried to find it back but I can´t , so please could you help me ?
    Thank you very much , and please receive my best wishes of peace , prosperity and happyness for your country and your people , in these agitated world´s times .
    In other hand ,I would like to contact with the community called “jews of mountains” living in Kalmykia ,if you could tell me in what area they are living , and if they have a mail adress .
    ps: if you don´t have this text please give me any contact for find it

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