Sultanna Frantsuzova

Sultanna Frantsuzova Most democratic designer Sultanna Frantsuzova (russian: Султанна Французова) from Elista.


Sultanna Frantsuzova was born in Russia, Elista city. As a student of Slava Zaitsev’s Fashion Laboratory in Moscow, Sultanna Frantsuzova won many awards. She showed herself to be a talented designer with unconventional ideas, a feel for the zeitgeist and an understanding of women. A year after graduating, Sultanna was named one of the prize-winners of the Nadezhda Lamanova Contest for upcoming designers, and awarded a scholarship for the Fine Arts Academy in Milan (Accademia Scuola di Milano).

Her designs were showcased at the Fashion Awards Ceremony in Switzerland.

In 2000, Sultanna Frantsuzova began design women collections for the Russian based brand Lo.

In 2003 she created her first independent collection under the name Sortie de Bal and opened a small boutique in Moscow.

2004 saw the launch of Sultanna Frantsuzova’s own label which would soon become a household name. The brand grew quickly. In just one year, the Sultanna Frantsuzova label generated huge sales and amazing brand recognition across Russia and Europe.

In 2005 Sultanna Frantsuzova was named Designer Of The Year by the Russian edition of Glamour magazine Awards.

In 2007 Elle Style Awards (Russia) have been nominate Sultanna Frantsuzova the Designer Of The Year.

Soon after, designer decided to expand her fashion label into Asia region and moved to Hong Kong, at the same time becoming creative director for her new brand – Anybody’s Blonde. Today, the label Anybody’s Blonde operates retail shops across Russia and Asia. The chain currently growing and is constantly expanding.

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