Come support our two soccer teams “Djangar” and “Lotus”

Dear Brothers and Sisters!

May 23-25.

Come support our two soccer teams “Djangar” and “Lotus” in the brisk fresh spring air.
The All Mongolian Championships is highly competitive so you will see some very physical action and high-powered shooting.
Invite your families, your friends, your neighbors, anyone who enjoys a good soccer games to attend this tournament!

Our teams need your support!

Khal’mgud URALAN!

– Soccer fields are in Rider University, Lawrenceville, NJ.

1. Open age group: 9 teams.
-Each game is 60 min, 2 halves of 30 min.

2. Over 35 group: 6 teams
-Each game is 60 min, 2 halves of 30 min.
-There are 3 fields.
-Days and times of Tournament:
Here is the most likely scenario of time table and schedule:


-Friday, May 23rd. 4.30 pm- 8.00pm: 9-10 games in 3 fields. 3 games simultaneously. On this day, each team will play only once but it’ll be sort of challenge to schedule as we planned.

-Sat. May 24th. : 9am-4pm. 3 games simultaneously. Opening ceremony and All group games will be completed.

-Sun. May 25th.: 9am-3pm. 6 games on 2 field. 2 semi-finals, over 35 3rd place and Championship game, Open age group’s 3rd place game and Championship game. Closing ceremony.

After tournament Gala Soccer celebration and Party:
5pm-11pm At Party Hall (place tbd).

-NJ-2014 Org Com have reached an agreement to hire Referees from NY City referee group.

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