Steam heating pipes have been replaced

Heating pipes Steam heating pipes have been replaced

In August 2020, steam heating pipes were replaced in the building of the elementary school of the Sharnutov School named after B.S. Sandzharykov.

The one-story primary school building was built in 1965. Initially, half of the building served as a sewing workshop, the other half was used as a study room and a school cafeteria. At this time, for more than two decades, all the premises are occupied by classrooms and a school kitchen with a canteen.

Since its foundation, the school building has not undergone major repairs.

In the cold season, classes in elementary school, according to the order of the director, are reduced to 30 minutes, and extracurricular activities are canceled.

Primary school children, as well as staff, annually experience great inconvenience from spending many hours in outerwear and the inability to fully participate in the educational process.

In July 2020 the expert commission examined the technical condition of the heating system. As a result, a conclusion was issued that, due to the long-term operation of metal pipes, cracks formed due to metal corrosion, as a result of which leaks occurred in many places of heating pipes in primary school classes. For the further operation of the premises of the primary school, a major overhaul of heating is required.

In August 2020 the Sarpinsky District Administration of the Republic of Kalmykia allocated about 50 thousand rubles (~710 USD) for the purchase of electric-welded pipes, reported

The head of the farm, Evgeny Dordzhiev (Sharnut village), helped deliver the purchased material from Volgograd to Sharnut.

Repairs to replace the heating pipes were carried out by A. Lysenko, a resident of Sharnut.

Heating pipes

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