Summer Mathematics School in preparation for the Mathematics Olympiad

Pink Lake From August 1 to 21, the Union of Teachers of the Republic of Kalmykia is holding a Summer Mathematics School in preparation for the Olympiad Mathematics for all interested schoolchildren of the Republic Kalmykia.

Course duration:

3 weeks (12 classes of 1.5 hours per Zoom) Mon, Wed, Fri, Wed 13:00

The course is free of charge.

The course will cover such topics as:

  • Euler Circles
  • Logic problems
  • Dirichlet Principle
  • Coloring problems
  • Solving problems using the negative method
  • Evaluation + example

The classes will be led by members of the Kalmykia Teachers’ Union:

Dorzheev Andzhur Arkadievich – teacher of mathematics at the School of Pedagogical Skills Center (Moscow)
Adyan Valeryevich Pyurbeyev – teacher of Perspektiva School, ETL.
Elena Mikhaylovna Volkova – teacher of mathematics at Elista Lyceum

The goal is to introduce and attract schoolchildren of Kalmykia to the Olympiad mathematics, to give them an opportunity to reveal their potential. The Olympiad training can help children to enter specialized mathematical and IT classes, and in the future to universities.
Classes require a creative, but systematic approach.
If you learn to understand the essence of the problem and its question, think critically, and assess the situation from different sides, you will be able to understand school tasks more deeply, assimilate new topics faster, and analyze your mistakes.

The course is recommended for students in grades 5-7 (as of September 1, 2022), but students in grades 4, 8-9 who are interested in mathematics and plan to participate in competitions can also join.

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