Devices for bird protection was installed

White-tailed eagle Modern bird protection devices in the Yustinsky district of the Republic of Kalmykia will help protect rare birds from the Red Book of Kalmykia, according to the head of the tourism department.

Devices for bird protection was installed.

ROSSETI Yug Corporation installed 2.9 thousand bird protection devices (BPD) on power transmission lines in the Republic of Kalmykia from January through June 2021.

ROSSETI Yug Corporation pays special attention to equipping power transmission lines in the habitats of red-listed birds with protective devices. For example, most of them – 2.5 thousand ROMs – were installed in Yustinsky district of the republic, which is home to endangered species of birds: white-tailed eagle, eagle owl, barrow, steppe eagle and burrowing eagle. The devices were also installed in Yashkul, Priyutnensky and Ketchenerovsky districts.

About 150 species of rare birds are listed in the Red Book of Kalmykia. The installation of bird protection devices on the lines of the Kalmyk branch of Rosseti South has been going on for a number of years. Last year, 810 ROMs were installed in the steppe. An additional 1,800 protective devices were installed during the connection of the Salyn and Tselin wind farms in the Tselinny District of the Republic to Rosseti South’s networks.

Modern bird protection devices are polymeric covers made of high-tech dielectric materials. They cover the insulators where the wire is attached to them.

The design of bird protection devices prevents the wires from short-circuiting when birds land on the power line. The number of related emergency shutdowns will also decrease, and power supply to consumers will become more reliable.

White-tailed eagle

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