Work on installation of smart cameras started in Kalmykia

Work on installation of smart cameras started in Kalmykia

In Kalmykia the work on installation of cameras of photo-video fixation has begun. The installation of these “smart” complexes will contribute to the prevention of traffic offenses and improve driving discipline. At the moment the specialists of the contracting company conduct pre-project works – there is a survey of sites where cameras will be installed.

As the head of the department of hardware-software system “Safe City” Mergen Porsunkinov noted, within the framework of modernization of intelligent transport systems in Kalmykia, photo-video fixation complexes will be installed on 50 sections of federal, regional and local roads. All the areas are agreed with the traffic police. Cameras will be installed on the most accident-prone road sections, including at busy intersections and unregulated crosswalks, the press service of the Ministry of Culture of the region.

Modern complexes will record a wide range of violations of the Administrative Code – from violations of speed limits and entering the oncoming traffic lane to driving into the “stop line” and not giving the right of first refusal to pedestrians.

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