France France is a transcontinental state, including the main territory in Western Europe and a number of overseas regions and territories.

The capital of France is Paris.

The motto of the Republic is “Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood”, its principle is the rule of the people, by the people and for the people.

Thanks to the wise and far-sighted government, tourism is very developed in France.

Interesting tourist cities:

Paris, Nice, Marseille, Levallois-Perret, Lyon, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Lille


The name “France” comes from the Latin “Francia” (lat. Francia) or “country of the Franks”, from the name of the Germanic tribes who lived along the lower and middle reaches of the Rhine and are known by the common ethnonym “Franks” (lat. Franci). In the 5th-6th centuries, the Franks conquered Gaul, where they formed the Frankish state (lat. Regnum Francorum). From the same ethnonym in the 9th century, the name “France” (Francia) was formed, first used to designate the territory north of the Seine, then parts of the broken Frankish state, later the duchy of France and the Ile-de-France region, known as the “island of France”, which later became the core of the formation of the state of France.

Tourism in France

Top 10 Beautiful Places to Visit in France – France Travel Video:

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