The Kalmyks, the only Buddhist people in Europe, are the farthest north-western believers in Buddha. After fifty years of persecution of their traditional religious faith, as a result of the process of democratisation started in the country in the mid 80s of the 20th c., they had an oppotunity to regain their spiritual world which had developed for nearly eight hundred years under the influence of Buddhist teaching. People of different generations turn to their traditional faith, rite and deities.

The Kalmyks revived their ancient tradition of sanctifying land and water, perform rituals on honour of Tsagan Sar, Urus Sar, Maitreya and Tsong-khapa. The children and youth follow the precepts of their elders.

After fifty years of ban the Buddhist community of Kalmykia resumed its activities in mid 80s when started the process of democratisation of the society. Buddhism in Kalmykia saw a new special period in its history when Dalai Lama XIV, the spiritual leader of all the Buddhists of the world, came to Kalmykia thrice – in 1991, 1992 and 2004.

1991: Dalai Lama in Kalmykia
About Dalai Lama in Kalmykia

1992: Dalai Lama in Kalmykia 1992

2004: Russia grants Dalai Lama a visa

Dalai Lama in Kalmykia

Republic of Kalmykia

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