Kalmykia Reps Meet CPC-R General Director

On April 4 Alexei Mayorov, a Federation Council Member for Kalmykia, and Sergey Bazyrov, Head of Iki-Burulskiy District Administration in Kalmykia, met with Nikolai Platonov, General Director, Caspian Pipeline Consortium-R”. The meeting discussed various aspects of cooperation between Kalmykia and CPC in as part of CPC’s Expansion project to increase its pipeline capacity to 67 MTA.

Special focus was made at the meeting on issues around developing the power supply infrastructure in Kalymikia: as part of constructing and tying-in two new oil pump stations, CPC is investing into construction of hundreds of kilometers of new networks and associated facilities. The amount of investment CPC is putting into the external power supply facilities in the republic will amount to over RUR 2.8 bn.

This way the role of CPC as the most important industrial consumer of electric power will substantially grow. Kralbiy Zhangurazov, General Director of KalmEnergoSbyt, who also happens to be a Deputy General Director, MRSK Northern Caucasus, commented: “According to our calculations the portion of industrial users in the energy balance of the republic will almost tripple with the commissioning of all CPC facilities, which will help decrease the tariffs for the public and state-financed organizations in the republic. Furthermore, it will reduce the losses of grid companies by almost two times, which will beneficially affect the state of the entire energy industry of Kalmykia”.

The topic of social partnership between the consortium and the republic was also discussed at the meeting. Aleksey Mayorov said in that connection: “The topic of the social responsibility of the business is gaining momentum. Increasingly more organizations and private businessmen come to the realization of their role and destination in retaining, supporting and developing the human potential of the regions they work and make money in. The example of CPC’s approach to such issues as charity and systemic social support to the population in Kalmykia, I think, can serve as a guidance for all companies working in the Southern federal region”.

In his turn, Nikolai Platonov, CPC General Director, stated: “A civilized approach to business in all its aspects has always distinguished Caspian Pipeline Consortium. High safety and environmental standards, a people-oriented social policy, and also partner relations with authorities and the public in host regions have been CPC’s “calling card” since the first year it started operating. While working in the regions, we attempt to leave a trace by our activities not only in the form of operating production facilities, but also a good trace in the souls of the people who live in these regions. In the previous fourteen years CPC has implemented numerous projects, first of all, in the Iki-Burulskiy and Chernozemelskiy Districts of the republic and in Elista, in support of the socially unprotected and also health, children’s, cultural and social institutions.

As part of the Expansion Project, there are plans to allocate, on top of our regular assistance program, another RUR 130 mln for construction and reconstruction of public health and education insitutations in those regions. For example, for the Iki-Burulskiy district, a secondary school is planned to be refurbished in the district center. That work has already started. From our side, I can say that CPC pays as much attention to the implementation of social projects with good quality and on schedule as to its core construction projects”.

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