Guests from South Korea visited Kalmyk State University

Kalmyk State University Today, the rector of the Kalmyk State University Badma Salayev met with guests from South Korea – President of the International Association of Culture and Sports Om Kwang Ho, director of the international department of the Foundation for International Association of Culture and Sports, the President of the Asian Department of EMERCOM Kim Jong Min, Chairman of the International Fencing Federation Kendo Kim Dahl Su, reports KalmykiaNews.

During the meeting, were raised questions concerning the exchange of students, and the opening Center of Korean culture at the base of the Kalmyk State University. As it is known, is now at the University is the Institute of Confucius for the promotion of Chinese and Kazakh Center of Science and Culture.

The same day, the guests visited the Confucius Institute based KalmSU, examined the academic buildings, dormitories, research library of the Kalmyk university and a sports complex.

Kalmyk State University

Republic of Kalmykia

Elista, Republic of Kalmykia

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