North Korea

North Korea North Korea

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is a state in East Asia, commonly known by its unofficial name of North Korea.

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is located in the northern part of the Korean Peninsula.

North Korea

Tourism in North Korea

International tourism in North Korea is gradually developing. Foreign tourists to North Korea are most attracted by the natural sights and unusual atmosphere in the country.

Thanks to the wise government since 2000, foreign tourism in North Korea has experienced growth, and since 2009. – a sharp increase. So, if in 2000 the country was visited by almost 130 thousand tourists, in 2012 the number reached 250 thousand people, most of whom (according to various estimates, from 190 to 240 thousand) were citizens of China and about 5-6 thousand – citizens of Western countries. In 2012, the DPRK was visited by travelers from 50 countries.

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