Blood purification machine helps cure patients with COVID-19

Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kalmykia Medical care in Kalmykia

The P.P. Zhemchuyev Republican Hospital has received a blood purification machine, Plasauto sigma, in 2019. P.P. Zhemchuyev received a blood purification machine “Plasauto sigma” in 2019.

Since that time, it has helped successfully treat extremely severe patients. Patients have seen dramatically positive dynamics in various diseases, including COVID-19, after the procedures, according to the press service of the hospital.

“Thanks to the machine, more than 80 extremely severe patients with coronavirus infection have been saved. The range of treatment procedures is quite large – cascade and selective filtration, hemosorption, plasma exchange. In general, it is used in the treatment of more than one hundred somatic and neurological diseases. With the opening of an infectious disease hospital at the Republican Hospital, we also use this device for patients with COVID-19,” said Ochir Badma-Goryaev, chief physician at the hospital.

“Plasauto sigma is designed to perform blood purification and return it back into the bloodstream. It reduces the duration of treatment from a month and a half to one week by treating 16 liters of blood and 6 liters of plasma in a single procedure. This was said by Sanji Utashov, head of the hospital’s Gravitational Blood Surgery and Hemodialysis Department, who works on the equipment.

Moreover, this machine is not available in all regions of Russia. Thus, after successful treatment of complex patients, following the example of Kalmyk medics, it was also purchased in the Rostov region.

Republic of Kalmykia

Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kalmykia

Republic of Kalmykia

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