Charity concert of the famous singer Alexander Rosenbaum

Elista In the city of Elista, the capital of the Republic of Kalmykia, will held a charity event, “Build a temple in his heart”.

In the charity action at the stadium “Uralan” will held a charity concert of the famous Russian singer Alexander Rosenbaum.

Collection of funds from the charity concert of Alexander Rosenbaum will focus on the construction of a Buddhist temple complex, reports the press service of the President of the Republic of Kalmykia.

Also planned a charity TV and radio marathon and concert of art masters of Kalmykia.

As previously reported, in the center of Elista is being built of a Buddhist temple, the place of construction of which was consecrated by the Dalai Lama XIV during his visit to Kalmykia in late November 2004.

Welcome to Elista!

Welcome to Kalmykia!

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  • This link is very interesting for the people,who love Kalmykia and other Mongolian people,Best Regards Bruno Bonfanti from town called Trento in north Italy nar Austria

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