Tulip Festival is coming soon!

Tulip Festival Tulip Festival program

Information for tourists and residents of Kalmykia

Celebration dates: April 2 – May 2

Tulip Festival is coming soon!

In Elista, the capital of the Republic of Kalmykia, the program of the 2021 International Tulip Festival was prepared in April.

Tulip Festival program:

In the Tselinny district of the mysterious Republic of Kalmykia, the following will be deployed:

  • Ethnographic khoton,
  • City of masters,
  • Art zone,
  • Food court for an introduction to the marvelous Oirat-Kalmyk cuisine,
  • Youth zone “Teegin Fest”,
  • Sports zone
  • and much more…

Will take place:

  • Folklore holiday,
  • Gala Concert,
  • Competitions in national sports,
  • Exhibition-fair,
  • Master classes,
  • Horseback riding and giant camels of the Kalmyk Bactrian breed

Start and opening times

Start of work of thematic platforms: 12.00 Moscow time.

Tulip Festival

Tulip Fest

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