When time of flowering tulips in Kalmykia ?

Flowering tulips Many tourists have asked me this question: When time of flowering tulips in Kalmykia? Therefore, I decided to write for all at once.
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Flowering tulips in Kalmykia starts around at the end of April – early May. Therefore, usually residents of Republic of Kalmykia and the tourists travel to the spring blooming steppe to admire the blooming tulips on May holidays (from 1 to 10 May).

The time of flowering of wild tulips in Kalmykia may change depending on how early or late spring begin. If the spring is early, the wild tulips bloom for 2-3 weeks earlier than usual.

Conversely, if the spring is late, the tulips bloom for 2-3 weeks later than usual.

The wild tulips is a living decoration of Kalmyk steppe and wealth Kalmykia.

Photos from Tulip Festival

Welcome to Festival of wild tulips!

Welcome to incredible Kalmykia!

Sandji Buvaev

Flowering tulips

Flowering tulips

Flowering tulips

Flowering tulips

Republic of Kalmykia

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