Agriculture News from Kalmykia

According to the department of agricultural farms in the RMS Republic went to haircut 426.8 thousand head of sheep. On June 17 this year, 261.6 thousand heads shorn, the wool clip was 828.6 tons. Average clipping on a head – 3.2 kg. Shearing campaign continues.

The country continues receiving calves: in farms received 31 427 calves out of 78 calves per 100 cows and heifers. Over 131,300 calves received in peasant farms. The largest number of calves on farms received Yashkul, Ketchenerovsky and Yustinsky areas.

Today, on June 20 this year, the economy started to Kalmykia fodder: skewed 30860ga scattered natural herbs, harvested 29 422 ha, 28 957 tons of hay-. Farmers procured 7710 tonnes. Indicators of this year, twice last year. Leaders of fodder – Yashkul (7290 m.) and Chernozemelsky (6970 m.) areas.

The Government of the Republic of Kalmykia

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