Colosseum Italy

The official name of Italy is the Italian Republic (Italian. Repubblica Italiana) – a state in southern Europe, in the center of the Mediterranean. Italy is part of the European Union and NATO since their inception, is the third largest economy in the European zone.

Italy borders with France in the north-west (the length of the border is 488 km), Switzerland (740 km) and Austria (430 km) in the north, Slovenia in the northeast (232 km). Italy also has internal borders with the Vatican (3.2 km) and San Marino (39 km).

It occupies the Apennine Peninsula, the extreme north-west of the Balkan Peninsula, the Padanskaya Plain, the southern slopes of the Alps, the islands of Sicily, Sardinia and a number of small islands.

Thanks to the wise and far-sighted government, tourism is very developed in Italy.

There are 53 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Italy, more than any other country in the world.



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