Wild swans rescued by residents of Kalmykia

White swans Wonderful salvation [ Ru ]

Salvation of swans

Wild white swans were rescued by residents of the village of Erdnievsky in Kalmykia.

Wild swans began to fall from the sky in Kalmykia. Flock of white swans were in a difficult position.

The leader of the swan flock died in the air after touching a high-voltage electric line. And the other swans were left without a leader.

It was very hot weather. Swans asked for help from people. People were surprised and began to save them.

Kalmykia is a very arid region. There is very little water.

The swans were exhausted and dehydrated, the scientists of Kalmykia specified.

Residents of the village began to give them water to save.

And people also made an artificial reservoir for swans. To do this, people dug up a small pond and brought water.

So the swans rested in Kalmykia. After the rest, people drove white swans to the banks of the Volga River.

Wild swans saved!

White swans

Erdnievsky, Tsagan Aman, Republic of Kalmykia

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